Ayush VS Allopathy

This is an awareness post as recently i’ve come across many deaths due to the side effects of allopathy medicines. This generation people are very fond in taking tablets that they even end up taking a crocin or paracetamol for normal fever & cold without even doctor’s prescription. I would like to share my vision with you all that fever or cold is not a disease but a symptom. Sometimes it’s good not to take allopathy medicine for common cold as the medicine will only suppress the cold for time sake and the infection remains as it is. The rule of cold is that it should be there for 7 days as it takes it’s own time to send the pathogen out of your body. Human body is a miracle as it can solve it’s issue all by itself without any extra helping hands. But we often fail to give it a chance. Also for a fever before taking pills as soon as possible , give your body a chance to do it’s work. If a fever goes beyond 3 days or if the temperature rises above 103 then visit a doctor. But the common mistake we all make is that we take pills as soon as the temperature rises. How many of you here knows that it takes at least 3 days for the infection to get into the blood?? Also there are many ayurvedic medication for almost all major and minor diseases and symptoms which has zero side effects. The list of the diseases and manifestations for which ayurvedic treatments available are as follows.


  • Anemia
  • low&high blood pressure
  • Joint pain
  • Gastritus
  • Sinus & migraine


  • Arthritus
  • Respiratory problem
  • All types of cancer
  • AIDS
  • Pneumonia
  • Parkinson’s
  • Coma

These are just a gist that i could gather but there is alot more diseases that can be cured by ayurvedic medication. Also homeopathy medicines are good for all women related health issues. My humble request is to practice Indian medicine and value it. We very often underestimate Indian medicine as it doesn’t give you the result immediately. But I’m cent percent sure that it gives you a permanent cure. All you have to have is patience.

Hope this blog post of mine had some useful information that may help you all.

Stay happy & healthy!!!




When people failed to accept the emotions of me , the four walls coloured in blue stayed with me. It saw the bold me. It saw the lazy me. It saw the crying me. It saw the angry me. It saw the real me. Walls know what the people don’t know about me. More than humans, i spend alot of time with my walls these days. Because it will never judge me. Although it fades , it will never leave me.

And sometimes i wish the walls could speak….



You touch me and

I’ll burn in your hands.

You kiss me and

I’ll melt in your lips.

You hug me and

I’ll move into your heart.

But baby if you ditch me

I’ll turn to be your red moon.


The Girl


Around 11:00pm at night, the girl took a walk in her garden. Looking at the moon which is partially covered by the clouds and enumerable stars smiling at her, she turned on her favourite song. For a second she closed her eyes and made a quick recap of her past.

Those days, when she feared the dark, her dad held her up on his arm and said ” behind the darkness there is something beautiful which is trying to play peek-a-boo, but only with pure heart one can see it”.

Those days, when she used to go for night rides with her dad.

Those days, when her dad used to tell her stories.

Those days, when she feared nothing.

Those good old days, when she fall’s asleep on her dad’s lap.

But all of a sudden, her grandma said that she won’t be able to see her dad anymore. She said that god has taken him since he likes him so much. Poor pity girl, all of a sudden, from everything she became nothing. Then came a sudden chillness which ran through her veins, her blood, her body.

A sudden, slow wind caressed her and she opened her eyes. All that she had was a neutralised face and tear filled eyes. As her grandma said, she believed that her dad is now her guardian angel and will always be with her and guides her.

She believed, believed and believed…

– Sruthi Nair



Deep within you know you are infuriated,
You know you are exhausted,
You know you’re not okay,
Still you opt to smile and say you’re fine.
Maybe that’s when you get to know that you’re matured...

Picture courtesy: Goolge Image
    – Sruthi Nair




Eye sees all,

Eye sees you,

Even if the lips lie, eye speaks all .

Your weakness,

Your confidence,

Your fear,

Your love,

Your passion,

Your desire,

Everything is reflected in your eyes.

So don’t search your spy outside .

It’s your eye which is spying you.

Picture courtesy : Google Image

Happy weekend!

-Sruthi nair